Apps development for Android step by step

Lesson 0: How to create the first Android app (getting started)

In this lesson we will install a program to write an app code. And then we will create our  first, very simple app. Finally, we will check how this app is looking and working.

Lesson 0.1: What we need to become Android app developer (all for free)

Lesson 0.2: Notepad for Android developers – Eclipse or Android Studio (so called ADT, ADK, IDE or SDK)

Lesson 0.3: Creating a new app (a new Android Studio project)

Lesson 0.4: Basic information about structure of a project and Android Studio interface: what is what

Lesson 0.5 Previewing app layout on various devices and screen sizes (without having them)

Lesson 0.6: Running an Android app in a virtual phone or tablet

Lesson 0.7: Running an Android app in a real device (but you don’t need any to create an app)

Lesson 0.8: Additional information about project structure in Android Studio: java and resources folders

Lesson 0.9: Android app life from onCreate to onDestroy – what happens when we start app (and what are “activities”)

Lesson 0.10: Java basics – first contact with Java programming language (objects, classes, variables and methods)

Lesson 0.11: Java basics – more about classes (inheritance and constructors)

Lesson 0.12: Java basics – more about methods & variables (access modifiers public or private, getters and setters)

Lesson 1.3: How to modify TextView in Java code (findViewById, setText and getText methods)

Note: In the whole tutorial we try to use very simple explanations instead of geeks or pros jargon. So it could hurt real professionals souls and hearts. If you are Android development veteran you rather won’t find this website useful, though we’re still open for your suggestions, tips & tricks and comments.

The app developer career just begins!

The app developer career just begins! (Credit: SXC/Eranbecker)