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Index of keywords and tags

Here you find index of XML tags and attributes as well as Java classes, methods and keywords described in lessons. The index would be updated regularly.

Android XML tags

LinearLayout – displays layout element in rows or columns (one after another) Available lessons | Official Android reference
TextView – displays text Available lessons | Official Android reference

Android XML attributes

android:layout_height – sets layout height Available lessons
android:layout_weight – sets how free space is divided Available lessons
android:layout_width – sets layout width Available lessons
android:orientation – sets layout orientation to horizontal or vertical Available lessons
android:text – sets the text Available lessons

Android XML attribute values

fill_parent – replaced by match_parent Available lessons
horizontal – sets orientation to horizontal Available lessons
match_parent – makes element as wide or as high as parent Available lessons
vertical – sets orientation to verticalAvailable lessons
wrap_content – makes element as wide or as high as its content Available lessons

Android Java classes

Bundle – stores activity data that could be used to recreate activity or transfer to other activity Available lessons | Official Android Reference
TextView – displays text Available lessons | Official Android reference

Android Java methods

getDimension – returns dimension of resource in pixels as flow value Available lessons
getDimensionPixelSize – returns dimension of resource in pixels as int value Available lessons
getDisplayMetrics – returns information about display like density or size in dpi Available lessons
getResources – refer to resources pool defined in resource files Available lessons
onCreate – callback when activity is created Available lessons
onDestroy – callback when activity is destroyed Available lessons
onPause – callback when activity is paused Available lessons
onRestart–  callback when activity is restarted Available lessons
onResume – callback when activity is resumed Available lessons
onStart – callback when activity is started Available lessons
onStop– callback when activity is stopped Available lessons
parseColor – changes color from string including RGB hex value to color Available lessons
setContentView – displays specific layout file Available lessons
setTextColor – sets color of text Available lessons

Java keywords

abstract – blocks creating instances of a class Available lessons
class – definition for a class Available lessons
final – variable that cannot be modified, method that cannot be override or class that cannot be extended Available lessons
private – variable or method accessible only from the class Available lessons
public – class, variable or method accessible from everywhere Available lessons
super – refers to superclass Available lessons
static – class variable – one value for all class instances Available lessons
this – refers to a current object Available lessons

Android Resources

colors.xml – list of colors defined by user Available lessons
dimens.xml – list of dimensions defined by user Available lessons
strings.xml – list of strings defined by user Available lessons

Alphabetic list of all Android keywords and XML tags

Alphabetic list of all Android keywords and XML tags

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