Apps development for Android step by step

Lessons related to setContentView

Appendix C: Everything about sizes and dimensions in Android

Designing Android app you have to be aware of enormous variety of devices. They have different physical sizes (from small phones to large tablets), different screen sizes (diagonal from 3 inches or less to above 5 inches), different screen resolutions (from 320×480 pixels to Full HD – 1920×1080 – or more) and different screen densities – number of pixels per inch (from 120 dpi to 480 dpi). And there is also screen orientation (landscape or portrait) to take into account.

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Lesson 0.9: Android app life from onCreate to onDestroy – what happens when we start app (and what are “activities”)

Android apps are built from activities. Activity is a set of actions visible on the screen (usually it takes whole screen, but it could be in a window). The app could have many activities. For instance a music player has a main menu activity, album list activity, song play activity etc. So activity is a combination of user interface and some functions.

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