Apps development for Android step by step

Lesson 0.4: Basic information about structure of a project and Android Studio interface: what is what

Ugly gray screen and confusing information “No files are open” – that’s all we can see after establishing the first app (creating a new project). Probably Google should spend more time on User Experience, but we’re here not to complain about the interface. So where to start?

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Lesson 0.3: Creating a new app (a new Android Studio project)

We assume that you have completed installation process of Eclipse or Android Studio described in a previous lesson. So now just start the tool and follow a few steps to create a new app project.

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Lesson 0.2: Notepad for Android developers – Eclipse or Android Studio (so called ADT, ADK, IDE or SDK)

We’ve learn what type of tools we need to start app development, so now is a right time to install them.

Unfortunately a tool to create a code for Android apps isn’t preinstalled in your computer. So you have to download and install it. Don’t worry it’s very simple.

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Lesson 0.1: What you need to become Android app developer (all for free)

To create your own simple Internet website all you need is a notepad (like standard Notepad preinstalled in Windows) and an Internet browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera) that for sure you also have in a computer. In the Notepad you write a code and in the browser you see results.

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Lesson 0: How to create the first Android app (getting started)

In this lesson we will install a program to write an app code. And then we will create our  first, very simple app. Finally, we will check how this app is looking and working.

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