Apps development for Android step by step
Below you will find recent lessons. You could also check list of all Android lessons available as well as alphabetic index of Android java keywords and XML tags.
Problems with Android Studio after upgrade? Read Google troubleshooting. There you will find how to deal with error: Gradle 'basic' project refresh failed.

Lesson 0.6: Running an Android app in a virtual phone or tablet

We have our first app (displaying Hello world!) without coding anything. Before we start developing something more, let’s check how this simple app works. This is very easy  – we will use built in emulator of a mobile device. The emulator is a special application which would simulate a real Android device (including original system behavior and hardware behavior) on a computer.

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Lesson 0.5 Previewing app layout on various devices and screen sizes (without having them)

The previous lesson was finished after we managed to open activity_main.xml file with a layout of our first app. You should see preview of app interface on the screen: app name, Hello word text and system menu at the bottom. This is not working app in which you could click (we would run app in the next lesson), but preview of the app layout.

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Lesson 0.4: Basic information about structure of a project and Android Studio interface: what is what

Ugly gray screen and confusing information “No files are open” – that’s all we can see after establishing the first app (creating a new project). Probably Google should spend more time on User Experience, but we’re here not to complain about the interface. So where to start?

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Lesson 0.3: Creating a new app (a new Android Studio project)

We assume that you have completed installation process of Eclipse or Android Studio described in a previous lesson. So now just start the tool and follow a few steps to create a new app project.

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Lesson 0.2: Notepad for Android developers – Eclipse or Android Studio (so called ADT, ADK, IDE or SDK)

We’ve learn what type of tools we need to start app development, so now is a right time to install them.

Unfortunately a tool to create a code for Android apps isn’t preinstalled in your computer. So you have to download and install it. Don’t worry it’s very simple.

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