Apps development for Android step by step
Below you will find recent lessons. You could also check list of all Android lessons available as well as alphabetic index of Android java keywords and XML tags.
Problems with Android Studio after upgrade? Read Google troubleshooting. There you will find how to deal with error: Gradle 'basic' project refresh failed.

Lesson 0.1: What you need to become Android app developer (all for free)

To create your own simple Internet website all you need is a notepad (like standard Notepad preinstalled in Windows) and an Internet browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera) that for sure you also have in a computer. In the Notepad you write a code and in the browser you see results.

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Lesson 0: How to create the first Android app (getting started)

In this lesson we will install a program to write an app code. And then we will create our  first, very simple app. Finally, we will check how this app is looking and working.

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