Apps development for Android step by step

Lessons related to layout_width

Lesson 2.3: How to put layout into layout to create advanced app interface (layout tree in Android)?

In the previous lessons we were using LinearLayout with TextViews inside. This time we would create more complicated structure: layout built of other layouts. LinearLayout could contain many LinearLayouts (or other types of layout), and they could contain more layouts and so on. But be careful – too complicated layout tree could negatively influence performance.

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Lesson 2.1: How to build Android app with simple, but powerful LinearLayout? Plus layout orientation as well as size and weight of elements

If you created app based on previous lessons, you had already contact with layout tag, though we haven’t analyzed how it works. Default layout for new app in Android Studio is RelativeLayout, but we will start with another layout type – called LinearLayout. It is easy to use and still very helpful in many situation.

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Lesson 2: How to arrange layout of Android app? Examples of all layout types

Good or bad GUI (Graphical Users Interface) could decide if your app is successful or not. You should devote as much time as possible to create smooth navigation and positive user experience. In Android you could easily create an app layout in XML layout files.

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